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More Exciting News!

For years the big request at Robert A. Black was new bunkers with fresh golf sand. Last year the park district heard your cries and our bunker renovation is fully underway (and coming out great if I do say so myself). In addition, dividing barriers and hills have been shaped and contoured to give the course more attitude and shape each hole. Now being the futurists we are we attempted to think of the next most popular request.

Could it be a bathroom renovation? Probably not since everyone loves our bathrooms.

New carts with the USB chargers and navigation? Pssssh, who needs that! Plus you should be worrying about your next shot and not charging your phone so you can listen to Jimmy Buffet’s Pandora station.

Custom Robert A. Black attire and memorabilia?  We actually have that so stop by the pro shop!

No, the only thing we didn’t have that every golfer needs/should want/secretly desires are golf boards, and I’m happy to announce they’re here and will be ready to rent as of 4/15! The little AWD devils were delivered late last week and are even fully optioned out to include a drink holder and functioning brakes! Next time you swing by to purchase a Groove Brush and a Monster energy feel free to give one a try!